Friday, September 08, 2006

Growing antisemitism in Britain now recognized: "A sinister alliance has developed between far-Right groups and Islamist extremists who are united in their hatred of Jews, Israel and Zionism and are contributing to increasing anti-Semitism in Britain. A report criticises police forces for failing adequately to monitor anti-Jewish incidents. It calls on the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate why fewer than one in ten reported incidents leads to a prosecution. The report was published after The Times revealed that conflict in the Middle East had led to a surge in anti-Semitism. It says that Britain's 300,000 Jews are "more anxious and more vulnerable to abuse and attack than at any other time for a generation or longer". It refers to "anti-Semitic discourse", defined as a "widespread change in mood and tone when Jews are discussed, whether in print or broadcast, at universities, or in public or social settings". But it expresses particular concern about a new, "symbiotic" relationship between the traditional perpetrators of anti-Semitism - the far Right and some Islamist extremists - who are united in their hatred of all things Jewish... Of particular concern to the inquiry was anti-Semitism on campuses, with literature being distributed that called for the killing of Jews and the destruction of Israel."

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