Monday, September 04, 2006

The poor are the fattest in Britain too: "Old mining and steel towns top the league for overweight people on an obesity map of England. The London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has the lowest levels. Research by the analysts Experian and Dr Foster Intelligence point to a clear North-South divide. Poorer former industrial towns dominate the ten fattest areas, while the well-to-do people from more affluent areas in London and the Home Counties dominate the ten slimmest. The data can be broken down so that it is possible, for example, to name Oak Road in Easington, Co Durham, as the street where residents are at highest risk of obesity, and St Mary's Gate, Kensington and Chelsea, as the lowest risk. Researchers used a combination of health survey analysis and social profiling to identify hotspots for obesity risk. First they drew data from two national surveys - the Health Survey for England and the British Research Market Bureau's Target Group Index - to extract information on height, weight and "lifestyle choices" of 33,000 people across the country."

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