Tuesday, September 12, 2006


British flag "lewd and offensive"!

A gulf war hero was banned from joining the police because he has a Union Jack and the words "British Army" tattooed on his arm. Proud Sgt Ivan Ivanovic was told the two-inch design could be seen as RACIST.

Ivan was stunned - as he has served Britain for 22 years, seeing action in the first Gulf War and playing peacekeeping roles in Iraq and Kosovo. The dad of two wanted to become a police community support officer when he quits the Army. But Cumbria Constabulary refused to consider him due to the tattoos. Ivan, 40, who serves with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at Catterick, North Yorks, said: "I can't see why anyone would think that the flag of the country might be seen as racist. "It's crazy. The tattoo is a few inches long and below my left shoulder - so no one would see it. "They asked about any distinguishing marks and would not send an application form because of the tattoo. It's ludicrous." Ivan fell foul of Home Office rules governing "lewd, offensive" tattoos.

But last night police BACKED DOWN and invited Ivan to reapply - after The Sun stepped in. Divorcee Ivan - half Yugoslav and half English - said: "It is fantastic news. I'm proud of my time in the forces." Police said: "We thank The Sun for bringing this to our attention."


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